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Ration Card

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Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation has established this link to provide information related  to citizens services and the above information is subjected to change as and when announced by the respective departments (ration card). 3.White ration card- Rs. 1 lakh and above. 2.Orange ration card- up to Rs. 1 Lakh. What ceiling of income is prescribed to be eligible to get yellow, Keshari and white ration card?

Yearly income limits for ration card ( 1 ) 3.Duplicate white ration card- Rs. 100/- How much fee is charged to issue a duplicate ration card?

Charges applicable for duplicate ration card ( 1 ) How much fee is charged to get a new ration card? Charges applicable for new ration card ( 1 )

3.Renewal of ration card- 1 month. How much time is taken to issue the ration card? Time require for issuansce of ration card ( 1 )

application form to remove name with the the original card, in case. 1.Application form with the marriage invitation card in respect of married. Which papers are required to exclude person name from the ration card?

Reduce ration card units ( 1 ) 3. Certificate of having removed the name of the person from the previous ration card, if you want to add elder person name in the ration card. 2. If you want to add your wife’s name, you need to get a certificate from the Tahsildar/ Zonal Officer of your wife’s place that her name has been removed from the ration card and the marriage registration certificate or marriage invitation card.

If I want to add members in the ration card, which papers are required? Increase in ration card units ( 1 ) 4. A self-declaration on plain paper if the words on the ration card are worn out.

3. If ration card is old and damaged, submit old card with stamp and signature of the ration shop owner. 2. Certificate issued by the ration shop owner as to the continuousness of ration card with his signature and stamp. 1. If the ration card is lost, then Certificate issued by the police regarding the lost ration card.

What papers citizen should attach along with the application to get duplicate ration card? List of documents for application of duplicate ration card ( 1 ) 6. If you own a house then copy of the property tax payment receipt or electricity bill as a proof of residence be attached.

If not, you need to get a certificate from Tahsildar of earlier place that your name does not exist in the ration card. 5. You need to attach the certificate of having reduced your name from previous ration card. 4. Copy of the AADHAR Card or copy of acknowledge receipt for of the AADHAR card.

2. Two signed photographs of Head of family (woman). 1. Make application in the name of the most senior woman in the family, as Head of the family. Which documents need to be attached with the application for getting the new ration card?

List of documents for application for new ration card ( 1 ) Citizens can obtain it form the Zonal Office, ‘A Division’ Sant Tukaram Vyapari Sankul, Second Floor, Nigdi or at the specified Maha -E Seva center in the Municipal Corporation area. Where can the application for the Ration Card be received in the PCMC area?

1. FAQ in respect of this section have been published, with help and co-operation of the Food grain Distribution Officer, Pune. The Court however found no merit in the submission as in a situation where a household either does not have a woman at all or where a woman member of an eligible household is yet to attain the age of eighteen, sub-section (2) of Section 13 of the Act provides that the eldest male member of the household shall be the head of the household for the issuance of ration cards. With respect to this issue, the Court recognized that the legislative intent behind this provision was to empower women and recognize significant responsibilities which women as decision makers have in a family.

The second issue related to the validity of the provisions of Section 13 of the Act on the ground that the statutory provision while recognizing the eldest woman member as the head of the household does not contemplate a situation where there may be no woman in the family. However, for now, the Court said that the form prescribed by the State Government, duly takes into account the concerns of the transgender population by recognizing their entitlement to seek access to food security and to avail of the status of the head of a household. The salutary public purpose, underlying the enactment of Section 13 of the Act can be furthered by incorporating a situation where a transgender can be recognized as a head of an eligible household,” the Court added.

It said that Section 13 of the Act may not have specifically incorporated a provision that would be inclusive of a head of a household as a transgender to apply for the issuance of a ration card. It therefore ruled that the reference to gender, in the application forms for issuance of ration card, submitted under the National Food Security Act, 2013, the expression ‘other’ as under ‘female/male/other’ would necessarily include a transgender. The Court observed that food security means no less to a transgender than to other segments of society, especially since impoverishment and marginalization have been endemic to the transgender population.

The Court acknowledged the case of National Legal Services Authority v. Union of India, wherein the Supreme Court had recognized the Fundamental Right of the transgender population as citizens of the country to possess an equal right to realize their full potential as human beings. The primary issue before the Court pertained to food security for transgenders. The Petition was filed in public interest by Advocate Ashish Kumar Misra in order to raise two concerns relating to the issuance of ration cards under the National Food Security Act, 2013.

In another landmark judgment for upliftment of transgenders, Allahabad High Court bench comprising of Chief Justice D.Y. Chandrachud and Justice S.N. Shukla has ensured food security for transgenders under the National Food Security Act, 2013. This website belongs to Directorate of Electronic Delivery of Citizen Service (EDCS), DPAR (e-Governance), Government of Karnataka. Any dispute arising under these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of India.

7:37PM 3/9/18 Mohd Umar Ansari Not Moderated Yet I’m new ration card applly. 5:58PM 17/9/18 ALOK KUMAR RAIZADA Not Moderated Yet for ration card from new delhi. For any changes in the card like wrong date of birth, address or spelling mistake in name, form no.3 has to be filled and submitted.

Procedure of getting any updation in the Ration Card. Proof of residence – in case of owner, Registration Deed, Allotment Letter, Power of Attorney, House Tax Receipt etc. Three passport size photographs of head of family attested by a gazetted officer/MLA/MP/Municipal Councillor.

Application/Documents Required to Apply for New Ration Card : Procedure of getting a New Ration Card. Contents of this website is published and managed by Directorate of Food and Civil Supplies, Government of Uttarakhand.

7. Certificate for taking education & residential address by Institutional Head. 6. Certificate of residence address & no. of members by Institutional Head/ Reporting Officer ( For people working in Registered Industrial Institutions) 5. Certificate of residence address & no. of members by Institutional Head ( For Govt/Semi Govt Personnel)

8. On producing your acknowledgement receipt to GPO, GPO will deliver the new Ration Card to you. 6. GPO makes a new Ration Card, compute your family units, pastes the photo of the head of the family and enters the the ration card entries in master register. 5. If verification is satisfactory, he will sanction the issue of ration card.

4. GPO will verify the form & documents as well as visit your home to verify the details. 3. GPO will check the form & documents and will give an acknowledgement receipt to the same clerk forwards the application to Supply Inspector (SI) of your area. 2. Attach the required documents with the form and submit the form along with attached documents to the Gram Panchayat Officer (GPO) at BDO Office.

1. To get a new Ration Card, fill a form available at no cost at Block Development (BDO) Office. 8. On producing your acknowledgement receipt to Clerk, Clerk will deliver the new Ration Card to you. 7. Yours Ration Card is attached with Fair Price Shop (FPS) nearest to your home.

6. Clerk makes a new Ration Card, compute your family units, pastes the photo of the head of the family and enters the the ration card entries in master register. 5. If verification is satisfactory, he will sanction the issue of ration card forwarding the application back to the clerk. 4. SI will verify the form & documents as well as visit your home to verify the details.

3. Clerk will check the form & documents and will give an acknowledgement receipt to the same clerk forwards the application to Supply Inspector (SI) of your area. 2. Attach the required documents with the form and submit the form along with attached documents to the Clerk at DSO Office. 1. To get a new Ration Card, fill a form available at no cost at counter of District supply Office.

Site Owned and Maintained by Department of Food, Public Distribution & Consumer Affairs, Government of Jharkhand. Format of Application form (Tamil version )for Ration Card in the State of Tamilnadu, India Full description. Application Form (Tamil version) for Ration Card.

Applicant can download a form or apply online for obtaining a Duplicate Ration Card. Apply for a Duplication Ration Card in the State of Haryana. Application form for duplicate Ration Card in Haryana.

Download this application form for renewal of driving licence in the State of Kerala. Users can find an application form for admission in Bal Balika Ashram of Himachal Pradesh. Application form for Bal Balika Ashram of Himachal Pradesh.

This form is provided by the Motor Vehicles Department of Kerala. Users can download this application form for renewal of driving licence in the State of Kerala. Application form for renewal of Driving Licence in Kerala.

Users can download the form and submit it dully filled with details about name of school, student, student’s parents, class, gender, caste, BPL ID, parents’ income, address etc. Application Form for government scholarship to students studying in class 9th & 10th of Government, aided and private schools is provided by the Social Welfare (Sainik Kaylan) Department of Uttar Pradesh. Application form for grants-in-aid to voluntary organisations from National Children’s Fund for implementing programmes in the field of Child Welfare/ Development in the State of Himachal Pradesh.

Application form for National Children Fund. Users must fill up this form with details such as name, mobile number, email id, address, tourist area, etc. This is the online application form for registration of new tourist taxi or renewal of existing tourist taxi in the State of Goa.

Online application form for registration renewal of tourist taxi in Goa. Select a State to Download the Ration Card Forms, for that State. The standard prescribed time schedule for the preparation of a Ration Card is generally 15 days.

You will require passport-sized photographs of the head of your family attested by a gazetted officer/MLA/MP/Municipal Councillor, the specified proof(s) of residence, and the Surrender/Deletion Certificate of the previous Ration Card, if there was any. You may obtain the application form for making a new Consumer (Ration) Card from any Circle Office. What You Need to Do to Obtain a Ration Card.

In addition to permanent Ration Cards, States also issue temporary Ration Cards, which are valid for a specified number of months, and are issued for relief purposes. Families living below the poverty line are entitled to Blue Cards, under which they can avail special subsidies. You may need to produce a copy of your Ration Card as proof of identification when applying for other documents like Domicile Certificate, for inclusion of your name in the Electoral Rolls, etc.

A Ration Card is a very useful document for Indian citizens. State Governments issue distinctive Ration Cards to Above Poverty Line, Below Poverty Line and Antyodaya families and conduct periodical review and checking of Ration Cards. A Ration Card is a document issued under an order or authority of the State Government, as per the Public Distribution System, for the purchase of essential commodities from fair price shops.

What is a Ration Card and Why is it Needed? How To Print Ration Card Surrender certificate form new E-mitraHow To Print Ration Card Surrender certificate form new E-mitraHow To Print Ration Card Surrender certificate form new E-mitraHow To Print Ration Card Surrender certificate form new E-mitraHow To Print Ration Card Surrender certificate form new E-mitraHow To Print Ration Card
Our sincere efforts have helped us carve a trustworthy name in the market as a service provider of Aadhar Card Registration Service, National Pension Scheme Card Service, Ration Card Form Entry Service etc. Our company engaged in providing our clients a Ration Card Form Entry Service. All Kiosk operators are informed to deliver the service with out fail.

To protect and promote public health and prevent disease by assuring the safety and quality of the food supply. Some of the banned brands are Kera Grace Double Filtered Coconut Oil, StS Kera Premium Gold coconut Oil, Keralathinte Swantham Velichenna Nalikera Pure Coconut Oil, Kera Hira Coconut Oil, StS Kera 3in1, Brilliant Grade One Agmark Coconut Oil, StS Parimritham, Golden Drops Coconut Oil, KKD Parisudham sudhamaya velichenna, Kera Swadish 100 percent pure and natural coconut oil, KS Kerasugandhi Pure coconut Oil, Kera Proudy coconut oil, Kera Priyam coconut Oil, Kairali Drops Live Healthy and Wise Pure Coconut Oil, Kerala Cook Coconut Oil, Kitchen Tasty Coconut Oil, Kera Sulabha Coconut Oil, Kera Farm coconut oil, Kera flow coconut oil, Kalpa Keralam coconut oil and many more. Additionally, food safety officers found that some brands which were prohibited in one district were found to be selling in other districts.

The report mentions that several companies owned more than one brand implying that the companies tried to escape ban by using various licenses and marketing them under different names. An official said that by adding the name of Kera, the brands were trying to make buyers believe that they were buying the original Kera. The report mentions that nearly half of the banned brands have used the name of Kera, a product which is owned by government’s KeraFed.

Officials said that the brands were banned for using sub-standard oils such as palm oil, as mentioned in a report in The Times of India. With the new batch of 74 brands, the total tally of banned coconut oil brands will shoot up to 170. The department had banned 45 brands of coconut oil in May and 51 brands in June.

The Commissioner of Food Safety, Anand Singh, issued the ban after collected samples showed sub-standard quality. In a crackdown on adulterated food items, the food safety department has banned 74 brands of coconut oil in Kerala. Food safety department bans 74 coconut oil brands in Kerala.

The entire department (18 students and their teachers) will transfer to Milan for the event, which delves into the politics of how, where and why we eat in a part exhibition, part public laboratory format. Design Academy Eindhoven will present Eat Shit” at the Salone del Mobile – the first exhibition of the new department Food Non Food. Yukari worked as a sommelier at the Park Hyatt Tokyo’s New York Grill and at Nihonbashi Takashimaya department store.

Yukari Sakamoto is the author of Food Sake Tokyo, a guide to Japanese cuisine, food culture, and a walking guide to Tokyo’s food neighborhoods. Ikebukuro’s Tobu department store has the largest depachika in Tokyo, but nothing inside jumps out as particularly spectacular. The shinkan has a branch of Eataly , the massive Italian food hall and marketplace with locations in Italy and the U.S., and Club Harie , which serves a labor-intensive and beautiful baumkuchen, the German ring cake that, when cut, reveals its tree-like layers.

Eat-in counters include Imahan Sukiyaki and Taimeiken, which serves yōshoku (Western-style Japanese food) such as omuraisu (Japanese rice omelette). The Shinjuku Takashimaya depachika houses a retail outpost of Kikunoi , a Kyoto-based kaiseki ryōri (traditional multicourse cuisine) restaurant with three locations that have together earned a total of seven Michelin stars. Be sure to ask if there are any special events on the floors of the department store above; there are often pop-ups featuring regional food from different prefectures, like Hokkaido and Kyoto.

Every depachika includes sections for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Western prepared foods. The definitive guide to the food fantasylands known as depachika. Department of Food & Public Distribution had issued notification vide SO No. 371(E) dated 08/02/17 for seeding of Aadhaar number of atleast one family member in ration card database by 30th June 2017.

The State Government report also indicates that the foodgrains for the month of August and September 2017 had been taken by her husband without Aadhaar based authentication and in the month of October 2017 by herself after Aadhaar authentication. In the recent case reported from Bareilly District of Uttar Pradesh, the report from State Government indicates that the deceased was an AAY ration card holder and had received foodgrains till the month of October 2017 regularly. In the recent past a few reports have appeared in the media about starvation deaths owing to alleged denial of subsidized foodgrains under NFSA to eligible ration card holders for want of Aadhaar number or for non-authentication at PoS etc.

Department of Food and Public Distribution clarifies on media reports on death due to starvation. For me the interesting part of the morning market was the food department. Job alert for food department jobs jobs is already subscribed for this Email ID.

Summary: Top food retail companies are looking for BHM passed candidates for multiple job offer. Keyskills: Department Food Production faculty…Urgent opening for Food. Summary: Company has 100’s of wonderful products which covers Healthcare, FMCG, Home Care, Food Products, Cosmetic, Beauty, Personal Care, Agriculture, Physical Products, Energy Products & many more.

To impart quality education in Food Technology and Biochemical Engineering through application of scientific and technological concept, to ensure value addition of agricultural and allied resources, to cater to the needs of society and industry. To keep abreast with the needs of the day, Jadavpur University established the Department of Food Technology and Bio-Chem. Department :: Food Technology & Bio-Chemical Engineering.

Areas of Interest: Public Health Nutrition. Qualification: Ph.D (Foods & Nutrition), The M.S University, Baroda. Develop nutrition health promotion models for workplaces, schools/academic institutions, geriatric care centers.

NUTRITION HEALTH PROMOTION IN VARIOUS SETTINGS. Foster partnerships with food industries, food service organizations, neutraceutical industry, government, agriculture/horticulture/animal husbandry for promotion of healthy diets and healthy packaged and processed foods. Supporting Food Safety and Standard Authority Of India (FSSAI) for food safety and quality control, Food labeling and addressing the gaps in FSSAI guidelines.

Conduct training programmes for promoting hygienic food service, food safety in food service organizations, entrepreneurship skills nutrition sensitive agriculture/horticulture and food processing. Conduct training programs for clinical nutrition care in different settings namely, hospitals, workplaces/school settings, caterers/food service handlers and geriatric clinics. Conduct clinical nutrition trials to create evidence for mainstreaming nutrition interventions in different health care settings including hospitals, geriatric clinics/old age home role of various traditional herbs/plants/foods for their use as functional foods in prevention & management of health & diseases.

Conduct need based process and impact evaluation of health and nutrition programs of urban, rural and tribal areas. OPERATING PHILOSOPHY- The teaching and research in the 3 thrust areas of Foods and Nutrition namely dietetics, public health nutrition and food science and quality control aims at Evidence Generation, Capacity Building, System Strengthening Advocacy and in Partnership Building & Convergence. VISION- To create world class committed Public Health Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science and Quality Control professionals who can contribute meaningfully to the social, economic and health development of the country.

The department has been the recipient of UGC-DSA (Phase II) program (2009-2014) and DSA (Phase III) program (2015-2020) and with aid from the UGC Infrastructure Development Grants strives to upgrade its classrooms, laboratories and library It also runs a Nutrition Counseling Centre once a week (Saturday 1-4pm) and offers medical nutrition therapy to patients with specific disease condition and conducts nutrition assessment of patients free of cost. Established in 1950, it offers a comprehensive program for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in three thrust areas of Foods and Nutrition namely Dietetics, Public Health Nutrition and Food Science and Quality Control. About Department of Foods and Nutrition.

Food Public Distribution and Consumer Affairs. The standard of Weights & Measures (National Standards) Rules, 1988. The standards of Weights & Measures (Numeration) Rules 1987.

The standards of Weights & Measures (Approval of Model) Rules, 1987. The Standards of Weights & Measures (General Rules, 1987). The Standards of Weights & Measures (Inter State Verification & Stamping) Rules, 1987 (Central).

The standards of Weights & Measures (Packaged, Commodities) Rules, 1977 (Central). The standards of Weights & Measures Acts, 1976 (Central). Nodal Authority for procurement and distribution of coal.

All matters relating to Public Distribution System and opening of Fair Price Shops, distribution ration of Cards etc. All matters relating to the procurement and distribution of foodgrains, edible oils, levy sugar, iodised salt etc. The Department also assists the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India in various projects too.

“Apart from these, the department keeps a close watch on vegetable mandis, grocery stores and street food vendors.” Sources said the Department gets hundreds of food-related complaints each month and about 10 to 12 in a week, which get doubled during festive seasons. The Department aims to lift at least 10,000 food samples last year.”

Once these food inspectors are recruited, we will pick as many food samples as we can. An official said, “Food inspectors have the power to check any five star hotel or eatery, which can be shut down for 15 days on a single order of the food commissioner. The shortage of food inspection staff came to the fore last year, when just 945 samples were taken from eateries, of which 112 were found not conforming to standards.

Food inspectors are responsible for enforcing health codes in establishments that make and serve consumables. Against the sanctioned posts of 273 inspectors, the Department has only 56 food inspectors keeping an eye on Delhi’s eateries. According to a source in the Department of Food Supplies and Consumer Affairs, there is not enough manpower to conduct regular inspections of the city’s mushrooming sweet shops, restaurants and other units.

New Delhi: The Food Department of Delhi government is facing a serious dearth of food inspectors, with only 56 food inspectors available to oversee the mammoth task of inspecting the over 50,000 eateries in the capital. Food dept grappling with dearth of over 200 food inspectors. Source : Department of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Govt.

All information displayed in this application is loaded from websites of department of food and supply of all states. Ration Cards issued by FCS and food departments in one app for reference. Search PDS Ration Card Online in one app in your mobile.

Online Check Ration Card details and download digital Copy for all states. Guide for ration card online apply. Both APL and BPL Ration Card list including NFSA PDS ration card.

Ration Cards issued by FCS and food departments in one app. Search and download PDS Ration Card Online with this app in your mobile. For any queries regarding this website please contact Web Information Manager, Directorate of Food and Civil Supplies, Dehradun, Ph.- 0135- 2740765.

4. Ration Card of previous residence (In case of transferring from 1 Town/Gram Panchayat to another) 4. GPO sends information to the concerned local Fair Price shop. 2. GPO checks the application form & required supporting documents and gives an acknowledgement receipt to the applicant.

1. Applicant submits the Application form along with ration card to GPO. 5. Surrender Certificate issued to the Applicant. 2. Clerk checks the application form & required supporting documents and gives an acknowledgement receipt to the applicant.

1. Applicant submits the Application form along with ration card to clerk. In case of rural, applicant gets it done through GPO. After getting the surrender certificate from DSO, one has to submit the surrender certificate to DSO of his new area while applying for new ration card.

A citizen has to surrender his ration card to the DSO of his area for acquiring a surrender certificate. 4. Clerk/GPO makes a new ration card and issues to the applicant. 3. SI/GPO checks and verifies the details in the master register and updates the FPS for the applicant in the register.

2. Applicant submits the application to DSO/GPO. Design and Developed by National Informatics Centre Jharkhand. 8. Also keep the ration shop number where you would like to have the card associated with…

4. Copy of the ration card(s) if included in another card. 3. Reduction certificate (if already included in a ration card of a different Taluk) 2. Agreement letter from the current owner of the ration card (if already included in a ration card of the same Taluk)

1. Completed form (Print out of the form if applied online) 1. wife dont have rationcard member before. 3. Existing Ration Cards, if any, should also be submitted along with the application.

For applying online through an Akshaya Service Centre (e-Kendra): 1. Click on the text boxes where you need to enter details in Malayalam. Steps for Entering Details in Malayalam:

If the application is submitted successfully, following details will be displayed on screen. Make the remittance of the application fee and the Ration Card price. While visiting the Taluk Supply Office, the Head of the family or the Applicant should submit this print-out of the application and present the originals of the records submitter earlier through online for verification.

For a new Ration Card, the date for taking the photo of the Head of the family or the applicant will be initimated by the concerned Taluk Supply Office. 8. Take the print out of the application for further procedures. 7. Submit the details after verifying carefully.

5. For a new Ration Card, select the link ‘New Application’ 4. Fill up the form with valid details. 2. If you have a ration card already, you will see 13 options for various services.

1. If you don’t have a ration card, you will see the following three options. Procedure to apply for a Ration Cards or other service: 3. If you don’t have a ration card click ‘No’ and fill in the ‘User Details’

2. If you already have a ration card, click ‘Yes’ and enter the barcode number from the last page of the ration card. Please note that each file size should be less than 250 KB. This step can be avoided if applying online through an Akshaya Service Centre. How to apply for a Ration Card online.

For More information about ration card bihar: Ration Card Bihar. The following list of Documents can be Submitted along with the Application Form which is used for the Verification Procedures. If any tracking number or receipt is given to the Applicant, he/she can demand it in the PDS office after submitting the Application to the officers.

After Submitting the Application, the Applicant is given an Acknowledgment number which can be used to track the Status of your Application. Services regarding the Ration card are made available to the citizens of the every State. Any mistakes in the Ration card can be further modified after receiving the Ration card online or offline.

Proof Documents are to be attached to the Application before submitting it to the office. Application to be submitted in the prescribed format. Details are to be filled with correct information, or your application may get rejected.

After filling in all the details, you can submit it to the officers in the PDS office. Also, the applicant has to select some of the options in filling the Application form. Details like Name of the Applicant, Date of Birth, Residence Address etc.

Fill all the details in the Application Form. You can get the Ration Card application for free. Collect the application form for the new Ration card.

Visit the nearest Public Distribution System office in Bihar. These steps will accompany the applicant during the procedure of the Bihar BPL List. The following steps are to be followed in order to apply for a new Ration Card in Bihar state.

Apply for Ration Card – Bihar. Follow the further article, to know the application procedure of the Ration card of Bihar. These food products are provided to the families of Ration Cardholders for Subsidised rates in India.

Under the Common Need programme of 2015, the Public Distribution System of Bihar state will provide basic needs such as Food Products, Grains, Kerosene, Edible Oil etc. Just follow the article to the end to know all the details regarding the application procedure. In this article, we will help you to apply for a new Ration card offline.

The EOI Tender document from bankers for MeeSeva operations in all Districts of AP click here. The Pre-bid Meeting Minutes held on 26.07.18 on EOI-2018 for calling of tenders from bankers for MeeSeva operations in all Districts of AP click here. “Dear All, The Aadhaar activation’s are being done only by UIDAI, ESD office will submit the requests received from the VLEs/franchisees for necessary action by UIDAI authority.

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Saral Advanced Diagnostic Pvt Ltd in Delhi. Saral Advanced Diagnostic Pvt Ltd in Pitampura, Delhi. Saral Infrastructure is a group of highly qualified and skilled professionals with a lot of experience in Ahmadabad, striving to support the communities within which they operate by balancing its economic, environmental and social responsibilities.

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State Bank or any of its representative never sends you email/SMS or calls you over phone to get your personal information, password or one time SMS (high security) password. Phishing is a fraudulent attempt, usually made through email, phone calls, SMS etc seeking your personal and confidential information. Bank Account Link With Ration Card&rct=j&frm=1&q=&esrc=s.

Uttar Pradesh Ration Card New List 2019 UP Ration Card List 2019 उत्तर प्रदेश राशन कार्ड सूची 2019 Check Your Names In Ration Card List 2019(District wise)… Read more » अगर यह समस्या बार बार आ रही है तो, Samagra Food and civil supplies – सपोर्ट टीम से संपर्क करें. Department of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, Govt.

Since its establishment in 1942, Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department continues to work to improve Public Distribution System, procurement process of food grains and their storage. “Punjab continues to enjoy the status of bread basket of India as it plays an important role in contributing the largest part of central food grain pool. 69 Shravasti Bhinga Ration Card List.

66 Sant Ravidas Nagar Ration Card List. 65 Sant Kabir Nagar Ration Card List. 63 Rampur Rampur Ration Card List.

62 Raebareli Raebareli Ration Card List. 59 Panchsheel Nagar district (Hapur) Ration Card List. 48 Lalitpur Lalitpur Ration Card List.

46 Kheri Lakhimpur Ration Card List. 44 Kanshiram Nagar Ration Card List. 43 Kanpur Nagar Ration Card List.

42 Kanpur Dehat (Ramabai Nagar) Ration Card List. 29 Gautam Buddha Nagar Ration Card List. 4 Ambedkar Nagar Ration Card List.

6. Ration Card Complaint Services of UP, Customer Care. 7. Search and download NFSA Ration cards issued by FCS Uttar Pradesh. 6. Complete list with names of Ration Card Holders in Uttar Pradesh.

5. Search your name in the Ration Card Holders list. उत्तर प्रदेश राशन कार्ड लिस्ट , उत्तर प्रदेश बी पी एल सूचि, UP Ration Card List 2018-19, up rashan card , up rashan list, up rashan card list. Ratings are given by users of based on their personal experience about the movie.

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Your number is in NDNC (National Do Not Call Registry), we have sent verification code via SMS. Johri said the Delhi Rozi Roti Adhikar Abhiyan is considering filing a petition in the High Court against the food commissioner’s decision to cancel ration cards. In September 2017, the Delhi High Court directed the Delhi government to frame rules to form a grievance redressal system within four weeks.

The Delhi government has not framed any such rules since 2013. Sections 14 to 18 of the National Food Security Act require every state government to set up a grievance redressal mechanism that includes call centres, helplines and nodal officers in districts. A showcause notice was supposed to be sent after which the card holder would be able to file for objections and also a door-to-door verification.”

She said, The food commission was supposed to conduct thorough checks before cancelling ration cards. There are currently 2,254 fair price shops in Delhi. On August 7, the department of food supply and consumer affairs issued a circular stating that a list of these card holders would be sent to all fair price shops and if any of them came for their rations, it would be the responsibility of the shop owner to ensure their cards were restored after their documents were verified.

Those who are genuine card holders can still make their cards active again.” Now there are around 2.5 lakh ration cards. Around 40,000 people came to reinstate their ration cards after we sent out letters in May,” Singh said.

Singh said notices were sent out to 2.7 lakh ration card holders in May stating that their cards had been cancelled because they had not collected rations between January and March, and advising them to come to the ration circle office. The food commissioner also refuted Kejriwal’s charge that ration cards were cancelled without any valid reason”. If this does not work then the shop owner can manually give rations to the beneficiaries.”

However, Mohanjeet Singh said beneficiaries not receiving their rations for such a reason was not possible”. The data from the e-PoS machine cannot be the only way to determine active ration cards.” Why were they not able to get their rations?

Amrita Johri, an activist with the organisation, said many of the beneficiaries stopped going to ration shops after the electronic point of sale devices failed to recognise their biometrics. On August 27, the Delhi Rozi Roti Adhikar Abhiyan, which works on matters related to food security, identified 10 citizens in various parts of Delhi whose ration cards had been cancelled. She added that she had not received any communication stating that her card had been cancelled.

Another resident, Sunder Devi, said, When my husband went to the ration shop, they did not give him rations because the ration card is in my name.” The 62-year-old explained that she was in poor health and unable to go herself. She also said she did not receive any communication from the ration circle office till they sent her a letter in May informing her that her card had been cancelled. I thought my card had been cancelled,” said the 65-year-old, adding that she did not take any rations between January and August.

Harjit Kaur of Savitri Nagar said she last tried to collect her rations in December but the point of sale machine did not recognise her biometrics. Several residents say they have not collected their rations for three months – the reason cited by the food commissioner to cancel their cards – because the biometric system does not allow them to do so. A month later, though, the food commissioner decided to revive the system The state government protested, alleging that Mohanjeet Singh was working at the Centre’s behest.

But in January this year, the Delhi government decided to do away with the system, citing technical glitches and irregularities. Under this system, beneficiaries were made to register their biometrics on electronic point of sale or e-PoS machines to receive their rations. In 2017, the state government introduced an Aadhaar-based system to check hoarding at fair price shops.

In Delhi, the ration system has been a tale of confusion over the last year and a half. The foodgrains can be availed of at ration shops or fair price shops, which are part of the public distribution system. And in his order to food supply officers to restore the ration cards, Food and Civil Supplies Minister Imran Hussain was quoted by the Hindustan Times as saying, Any death occurring in Delhi due to starvation/non-availability of ration to the otherwise eligible beneficiaries whose card has been cancelled without proper verification, shall also invite criminal action besides disciplinary action against the concerned FSO/FSI food supply officer or food supply inspector for which they shall be personally responsible.”

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has alleged that the food commissioner – who answers to the Central government-appointed lieutenant governor – cancelled the ration cards without proper verification. However, the matter has since turned into yet another flashpoint between the Aam Aadmi Party government and the Delhi bureaucracy, and by extension the Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled Centre, which oversees much of the Capital’s administration. The three-month rule is followed by both the Delhi government and the Centre.

Days later, the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi promised to restore all the cancelled ration cards. Baran is not the only one facing the consequences of Delhi food commissioner Mohanjeet Singh’s decision on August 20 to cancel 2.5 lakh ration cards on the grounds that beneficiaries had not collected their rations for three months. I cannot go to collect my rations or send anyone to collect them for me. Nobody came to tell me my ration card has been cancelled.

The letter added that unless he submitted his Aadhaar number, electricity bills and other documents that could serve as proof of identity to the circle office, his ration would not be restored. In May, Ram Baran, a resident of Savitri Nagar in Delhi, received a letter from the ration circle office stating that his ration card would be cancelled because he had not collected foodgrains between January and March. In Delhi, cancellation of 2.5 lakh ration cards sparks tussle between AAP government, bureaucracy.

Download the EPDs and LCA by clicking on the images below. In aggregate, extrusion production of 1.7 billion pounds, or about one-third of the North American total for 2015, was covered in the study. In addition to presenting the conclusions shown in the EPD, it will provide additional detail about items such as:

Both provide data for mill finish, painted and anodized products, so architects and designers can assess the environmental impacts of finishing and thermal improvement decisions. The EPDs quantify the cradle-to-gate” lifecycle environmental impacts of aluminum extrusions. In October 2016, the Aluminum Extruders Council released the most comprehensive industry-wide set of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to date that document the environmental performance of aluminum extrusions produced in the U.S. and Canada.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) have been called “Environmental Nutrition Labels” for materials and products, describing the potential environmental impact of a product through its life cycle. Leverage the brand to help market registered Angus bulls that meet our EPD requirements and get rewarded for using the logo. 5. Aggressive — Similar to Score 4 but with added aggressive behavior, fearful, extreme agitation, continuous movement that might include jumping and bellowing while in the chute, exits the chute frantically and might exhibit attack behavior when handled alone.

2. Restless — Quieter than average but slightly restless, might be stubborn during processing, might try to back from the chute, pulls back on the headgate, some tail flicking, exits the chute promptly. Docility — Bull A should sire 4 percent more calves that have a temperament in the most docile score than Bull B. The actual measurement of docility is recorded either at weaning or yearling (depending on the breed association) and is categorized as the animals’ behavior as they enter, are restrained in, and exit the chute. Maintenance energy — The Red Angus Association of America calculates a Maintenance Energy (ME) Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) that indicates differences in the Mcal/month needed for maintenance due to mature size (corrected for body condition score) and milking ability (The Rancher’s Guide to EPDs is available at ). A much simpler way to think of it is that a bull with a ME EPD of +10 compared to one that is +0 will produce daughters that will require approximately 11 more pounds of average quality forage per month (assuming average quality forage =86Mcal/lb).

Daughters of Bull A are 4 percent more likely to stay productive in the herd to age 6. Dry matter intake — Calves sired by Bull B are expected to consume 0.2 pounds more feed per day on a dry matter basis compared to those sired by Bull A. Note that selection based on residual average daily gain and residual feed intake may not lead to the same bull selection decisions.

Residual feed intake — Calves sired by Bull A should consume 0.15 pounds less feed per day than those sired by bull B given the same levels of gain during the post-weaning phase. Residual average daily gain — Calves sired by Bull B should gain 0.15 pounds per day more than those sired by bull A when fed the same amount of feed during the post-weaning phase. Days to finish — Calves sired by Bull B should spend five fewer days on feed to reach a constant fat endpoint.

Tenderness — Calves sired by Bull A should produce meat that is more tender than that of calves sired by Bull B by 0.2 pounds of shear force. Rump fat thickness— At a given end point, calves from Bull A should be 0.07 inches fatter when measured between the hooks and pins. Fat thickness — At a given end point, calves from Bull A should be 0.08 inchesfatter when measured at the 12th rib.

Rib-eye area — At a given end point, calves from Bull B should have rib-eye areas that are 1.54 square inches larger than Bull A’s calves. Most breeds incorporate this measurement into their respective carcass marbling EPD as an indicator trait. IMF— Calves from Bull A should produce calves with 2% more intramuscular fat than calves sired by Bull B. Intramuscular fat percentage (IMF) is measured by ultrasound and is a proxy for carcass marbling.

So, instead of seeing both an IMF EPD and a marbling EPD you just see the marbling EPD, but it has ultrasound measurements included in the calculation. For example, if calves sired by Bull B had a marbling score of 5.0, then we would expect calves sired by Bull A to have a marbling score of 5.3. Ultrasound EPDs were calculated for a number of breeds for traits of rib-eye area, fat, and intramuscular fat (IMF), which is correlated to marbling, but now the majority of breeds use these ultrasound measurements in the calculation of carcass EPDs. Marbling scores range from 1.0, which is devoid of marbling and a utility quality grade to 10.9, which is abundant marbling and a prime + quality grade.

Marbling — Calves from Bull A should have a 0.3 higher marbling score. Consequently, selecting for decreased YG or increased percent retail product will lead to leaner animals so caution should be used to avoid extremely lean replacement females. In either percent retail product or YG, fat thickness contributes the most to these two calculations.

The same factors (back fat, ribeye area, and carcass weight) would be included, but a lower YG is more desirable as opposed to percent retail product where a higher value is more desirable. Percent retail product — The calves from Bull B should yield 0.2 percent more closely trimmed, boneless retail cuts from the round, loin, rib, and chuck. Carcass weight — Bull B should produce calves that have 18 pounds more adjusted carcass weight.

Teat score— Daughters of Bull A are expected to have teats that score 0.5 points higher on average compared to daughters of Bull B. A higher teat score is indicative of smaller (length and circumference) teats. Udder score— Daughters of Bull A are expected to have udders that score 0.5 points higher on average compared to daughters of Bull B. A higher udder score is indicative of a tighter udder suspension (more desirable). Heifer pregnancy — Daughters of Bull B are 3 percent more likely to become pregnant as heifers.

It is also an indicator of the capacity for sperm production of a bull. Bulls with larger scrotal circumference should have daughters that reach puberty earlier. Scrotal circumference is an indicator of the age of maturity of a bull’s daughters.

Scrotal circumference — Bull calves from Bull A should have 0.55 centimeters larger adjusted scrotal circumferences. Mature weight — Bull B’s daughters should be 30 pounds heavier when mature. Mature height — Bull B’s daughters should be5 inches taller at maturity.

Calving ease maternal — Bull B’s daughters should calve as first-calf heifers with 2 percent more unassisted births (6-4) than the daughters of Bull A. Gestation length — Calves from Bull A should have a one-day shorter gestation. For example, Bull A has a maternal weaning weight value of 13, which is equal to half of his weaning weight direct EPD (20/2=10) plus his milk EPD (3).

This is a calculated figure of one-half the bull’s weaning weight direct EPD plus his milk EPD. Total maternal (maternal weaning weight) — Daughters from Bull A will produce calves that are 4 pounds heavier at weaning on average because of their combined genetics for growth and milk. This 5 pounds, unlike the weaning weight figure attributed to growth from the bull, is the result of differences in the daughters’ milk production and mothering ability.

This is not a measure of pounds of milk but rather weaning weight due to milk production. Milk — Daughters from Bull A should produce calves that are 5 pounds (the difference between +3 and -2) heavier at weaning. Height (the actual measurement and not the EPD), along with age, is used to calculate frame score.

Yearling height — Bull B’s calves should be 0.3 inches taller on average at a year of age compared to the offspring of Bull A. Height measurements are taken at the hip. Yearling weight — Bull B’s calves should average 12 pounds heavier at 1 year of age. These EPDs are virtually the same even if the accuracies were high.

Weaning weight direct — Calves from Bull B should average 2 pounds more on adjusted weaning weights because of additional growth. When selecting bulls to use on heifers, the economically relevant trait is calving ease and producers should focus on calving ease EPD rather than birth weight EPD. Keep in mind that when crossing breeds, heterosis or hybrid vigor can increase birth weights over a straightbred average.

Birth weight — Bull B’s calves would be on average 1.5 pounds heavier at birth. Producers should not use both birth weight and calving ease EPDs together since the birth weight EPD is already used in the calculation of calving ease.Calving ease direct — Bull A should have 4 percent more unassisted births from first-calf heifers than Bull B. While birth weight is an indicator of calving ease, it does not tell the whole story.

Consequently, selection based on EPDs will help sort the wheat from the chaff in that EPDs eliminate environmental differences and quantify genetic differences. We know that the environmental benefits will not be passed from parent to offspring, only the genetics. Selection based on a raw phenotypes such as actual weights or ultrasound scan values places selection pressure not only on the genetic potential of an animal but also on environmental influences (herd, year, season, management, etc.). If you look at two drastically different management scenarios: 1) forage tested bulls, and 2) high concentrate fed bulls, it would be expected that the high concentrate bulls would have greater intramuscular fat percentage (IMF) figures.

The objective of buying a bull is to purchase an animal that will enhance the genetics of his offspring. The heritability can be thought of as the average phenotypic differences or superiority that is likely to be passed on genetically to the next generation. In genetic evaluations we are able to predict the additive genetic component, which is presented as an EPD.

Generally speaking, we only become concerned with permanent environmental effects when we think about the environmental influence a dam has on her offspring (e.g., a young dam develops mastitis and loses function in one quarter, resulting in reduced weaning weights of subsequent offspring). The genetic and environmental components of phenotype can be further divided into additive (A), dominance (D), and epistatic (I) genetic effects and both permanent (P) and temporary (T) environmental effects. Where P is the phenotype, G is the genetic effect, and E is the environmental effect.

Many producers mistakenly place more emphasis on raw measurements than EPDs. EPDs Compared to Raw Data and Ratios. To compare animals across breeds, estimates from the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) can aid in determining differences between EPDs of different breeds (Table I). These across breed adjustment factors, adjusted to an Angus basis, are updated annually and can be found at -2/convention-proceedings There are across-breed genetic evaluations in existence (e.g., International Genetic Solutions; IGS) in beef cattle but producers should continue to use the USMARC derived adjustment factors if available to correctly adjust for breed effects.

When using EPDs, it is important to understand that the role of EPDs is to provide a measure of comparison within a breed. Although all of them have the same pedigree estimate, they differ considerably in terms of performance and consequently their EPDs, once they have a record, differ due to Mendelian sampling. Where EPDI is the EPD for some individual I, EPDS is the EPD for the sire of animal I, EPDD is the EPD for the dam of animal I. The phenomena of Mendelian sampling arises due to the fact that each parent passes a sample half of its alleles to its offspring and every allele has an equal likelihood of being passed on. This effect can be quantified using contemporary group deviations and is a measure of how much better or worse an animal is compared to the average of his parents.

Prior to a National Cattle Evaluation (NCE), animals are given interim EPDs. As additional sources of information become available, the accuracy of the EPD value increases. EPDs incorporate multiple sources of information, including full pedigree, an animal’s own record, genomic data, and progeny information.

EPDs provide a measure by which animals within a breed can be compared to one another for their genetic potential as parents for specific traits. Too often seedstock producers and bull buyers get caught up in the actual weights, ultrasound data, etc., when selecting sires. However, some producers are still reluctant to rely on EPDs when making selection decisions; presumably because of a general lack of understanding of how EPDs are derived and their interpretation.

EPDs have existed in the beef industry for decades and their use has produced intended genetic change in many traits. Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) allow for the comparison of animals within a breed for their genetic potential as parents for a given trait. It is critical to understand how to interpret EPDs and to know breed averages, and be able to use percentile ranks in order to identify potential sires that fit the desired breeding objective.

If selection is based on nongenetic factors, as is the case when selecting on actual or adjusted measurements instead of EPDs or economic indexes, then an inefficiency is automatically built into the cow/calf enterprise. Studies have shown that using EPDs are seven to nine times more effective than selecting based on actual phenotypes. EPDs represent the genetic component of an animal’s phenotype that is expected to be passed on to the next generation.

The eHRMS Application was developed as the product model for providing a generalized human resource management solution for Government Departments to help them in taking right decisions at right time with proper monitoring, manpower planning, employee recruitment, postings, promotion and transfer based… EPDS is a way-forward” solution aiming to improve Distribution system in the state, and make the PDS paperless. EPDS – Electronic Public Distribution System – The objective of EPDS is to provide improved transparent services to the poor while maintaining seamless processes for the Government.

In Kenya mental health researchers bank on a lot of freely available, well researched tools like EPDS and it was therefore chosen for translation. Debate over the Kiswahili translation kujiumiza”- meaning to injure oneself, and kujitendea mabaya” meaning to do bad things to oneself. Hence the team settled for the translation tokwa na machozi” back translated as shed tears/ cry tears rather than lia” which means to cry.

• Item 9: Observation made of the cultural meaning and understanding of the term crying. The translating team chose to emphasize sadness using a similar meaning to the word. • Item 8: No clear meaning of miserable in Kiswahili.

The team gave emphasis to the sadness that resulted in lack of sleep Nimekuwa na huzuni sana hadi nimekuwa na ugumu kupata usingizi”- Back translation- I have been so sad, that I have had difficulties getting sleep. • Item 7: Different ways of understanding the question actually brought out different translations. • Item 5: It was noted that the understanding of Question 4 and 5 carried similar meanings following the translations.

• Item 4: No clear translation of the word anxious. A translation that the team found tended to lose the original meaning. Difficulty in settling on an exact translation as this is a phrase and also some difficulty in understanding the true meaning after translation.

No clear Kiswahili translation of the word Depression. An example of this in the EPDS assessment tool is- Item no 1. ‘I have been able to laugh and see the funny side of things’. 2. Back translation was then done for each of the three Kiswahili translations by a group of another three independent members of the team who were also fluent in both English and Kiswahili.

1. The EPDS was translated to Kiswahili by three independent bilingual translators. The entire group participated in the writing process, revising and building on the items that were translated but also around issues that were discussed concerning the translation. In all these deliberations, one researcher was writing the group comments and another one writing the EPDS items that were translated in this process.

Then the entire group assembled to look at the three translations-back translations-retranslations in depth to arrive at a single version of a Kiswahili translated EPDS. As a group, there was a sense that, though EPDS is the most appropriate tool for screening postpartum depression, it cannot be used without translation into Kiswahili as most women visiting Kenyatta National Hospital and Mbagathi Hospital are not fluent or comfortable filling out the form in English. Process in its barebones: A group of psychiatrists and clinical psychologists at the University of Nairobi decided to undertake the linguistic translation of EPDS.

The involvement of a translator and the role they play in the entire process right from doing a direct translation in the beginning to incorporating and deliberating on the back-translations by other team members is a crucial part of this entire exercise. 3. Multicultural Team Approach- it involves creation of a team that looks at the translation stage by stage adjusting the ‘emic’ and ‘etic’ dimensions of the measure. 2. Source Language Centering- the researcher develops the instrument in the source language and then translates it into the target language using some mix of procedures above.

1. Decentering – it is a technique that begins from a preliminary draft questionnaire in the source language in order to produce final questionnaires in two languages (source and target) 2 , 25 It is informative as well as rich in source language transparency. This is important as it allows other bilingual individuals to compare and examine translator’s choices and compare back-translated versions to the original source items. Source language transparency: is the degree to which the technique provides useful information to the researcher who lacks fluency in the target language (assuming that the principal investigator is not familiar at all or very well with the target language).

There are three kinds of equivalence discussed in the literature 25 – 27 Semantic equivalence entail choosing such terms and sentence structures which ensure the meaning of the source language is kept intact. In addition, the researcher must show that it exhibits appropriate levels of semantic and conceptual equivalence relative to the source language measure and that it and the procedures through which it is administered minimize any problems created by lack of normative equivalence (ibid: 15). To begin with, it is very important to select for translation those measures that have already been tested for reliability, validity and utility in the source language (language in which these originally exist) 25 This merely ensures that the effort put in translation is not wasted on a tool not useful or inadequately designed.

The need to translate a questionnaire is sometimes apparent from the outset as in the case of this research or if one or more targeted populations are known to need a different language from the one in which the questionnaire is or will be designed 2 Alternatively, the need for a translation may become apparent only at a later stage of research when the source language instrument may not deliver well. Technically speaking, translation of tools is usually undertaken when a particular instrument is not available in the language for which it is needed in fieldwork. Our interest in translation of Edinburgh Postnatal Scale was necessitated by Kenyan respondents who were more comfortable responding to the tool in Kiswahili.

The English version of the EPDS screening tool was finally successfully translated into Kiswahili and the translated version is attached with this paper. The need for a suitable tool for assessing postpartum depression in Kenya led to the process of translation of the 10 items Edinburgh Postnatal Scale into Kiswahili. Copyright: © 2015 Kumar M, et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Citation: Kumar M, Ongeri L, Mathai M, Mbwayo A (2015) Translation of EPDS Questionnaire into Kiswahili: Understanding the Cross-Cultural and Translation Issues in Mental Health Research. Translation of EPDS Questionnaire into Kiswahili: Understanding the Cross-Cultural and Translation Issues in Mental Health Research. Conclusion: Endorphin massage is good alternative treatment to increase B-endorphin level and decresae EPDS score among mother with postpartum blues.

There is significantly negative correlation between B-endorphin level and EPDS score (r = -0,517; P 0.05). The level of EPDS significantly decrease after treatment than that before treatment (P 0.05). The measurement of marker (B-endorphin) and EPDS scoring was done prior and after massage treatment.Endorphin massage was done by her husband or researcher according instruction that provided, 4 times a week, once in morning for 20 minutes including right arm, left arm, neck, and lower back (5 minutes each).

The inclusion criteria were mother with post partum blues at third day post partum and EPDS score > 9, while the exclusion criteria were mother with history of depression post partum. Purpose: This study aimed to investigate the effects of endorphin massage on B-endorphin level and EPDS score in women with postpartum blues. Effects of endorphin massage on B-endorphin level and Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) score in women with postpartum blues.

The following is a list of companies whose products (as described in the EPD) are covered by EPD #SCS-EPD-03838, North American Average Cold-Formed Steel Studs and Track, dated January 19, 2016. The latest USGBC green building ratings program-LEED v4-includes credits for buildings that use products for which EPDs have been developed. EPDs describe the potential environmental impacts of a product across a specified list of environmental impact categories.

These declarations have been compared to the nutrition label on food packaging because they present concise information to help consumers make better-informed product decisions. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) summarize the results of a life cycle assessment (LCA) for specific products. Epds telangana ,how to download in telugu how to download telangana Ration card , epds ration, epds telangana gov in food security act,ration card,ap ration card print,pink ration card,ration card print,ration card adding,ration card list,ration telangana food securtiy card status,ap food securtiy card status,online card status,national food security cards,epds,epds online,How to get food security card ration card status and print out,Telangana Ration crad Status,EPDS Food Securtiy Card Status Online.

EPDS Food Securtiy Card Status Online Telangana Ration crad Status. The online public distribution system(PDS) known as ePDS facilitates the supply of essential commodities and food grains to a large number of poor people through a network of fair rice shops at subsidized rates as set by government of India. What is ePDS(Public Distribution System) this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi.

We rely on contributions from governments, private sector companies, and people like you to keep us on the ground delivering food when and where it’s needed most. Links to other websites that have been included on this Portal are provided for public convenience only. This Portal is hosted by National Informatics Centre (External website that opens in a new window), Government of India for Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD).

While the government has fixed a target of 1.88 lakh beneficiaries to be included under NFSA in the corporation area, 1.20 lakh have received cards so far, he said. More ineligible persons are expected to return their cards within the deadline, Mr Mohanty said. They include businessmen, government employees and contractors.

The commissioner said 41 people in the city have surrendered their ration cards so far. The corporation has opened a toll-free number (18003456796) to receive complaints against ineligible people, who have got the ration cards. During their visit to the streets, the squad members will also check the eligibility of people, who have already got the ration cards, he said adding if any person is found guilty, First Information Reports (FIRs) will be lodged against him or her according to the government instructions.

The government has fixed January 15 deadline for surrender of the cards. He asked the authorities to issue the new cards to eligible persons after proper verification and take action against the ineligible ration card holders if they don’t surrender the cards within deadline. State’s Housing and Urban Development Secretary G Mathivathanan on Wednesday reviewed the issue of the ration cards in Ganjam district, officials said.

The corporation has received 15,000 fresh applications from people by December 31. The corporation was flayed for issuing the ration cards to several rich and influential people in the city. Berhampur, Odisha: Amid allegation of irregularities in distribution of ration cards in various parts of Odisha, Berhampur Municipal Corporation has launched a special drive to inquire into the eligibility criteria of applicants before issuing cards to people under National Food Security Act (NFSA) in the second phase.

The Odisha government has fixed a target of 1.88 lakh beneficiaries to be included under NFSA in the Berhampur corporation area, said officials. Developed by National Informatics Centre © 2019 National Informatics Centre. ❖ Salient Features of National Food Security Act: ❖ Upto 75% of the rural population and 50% of the urban population will be covered under TPDS.

Under the programme from beginning of next month beneficiaries will be able to get A total of 3.26 crore beneficiaries comprising over 82 percent will be rural and 56 per cent urban population are eligible for rice and wheat worth 5 kg each at 5 rupees and 3 rupees per kg respectively every month under this programme. In the second phase, State government plans to provide the digitised ration cards by the end of this month. The districts to be covered under the food security programme are Angul, Bargarh, Balangir, Boudh, Deogarh, Gajapati, Jharsuguda, Kalahandi, Kandhamal, Koraput, Malkangiri, Nuapada, Sambalpur, and Sonepur.

In the first phase, about 93.35 lakh beneficiaries of 26.33 lakh families will be brought under Food Security Act. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has launched the programme at the state capital while ministers of the state government have distributed the same in different districts. The first phase of distribution of digitized ration cards under National Food Security Act has launched today in the 14 districts of Odisha.

Odisha govt launches NFSA ration card distribution today. “We will not accept applications for rational cards under the NFSA till October 2. We are now making all efforts for enrolling beneficiaries for the state government-sponsored food security programme,” said a senior official of FS&CW Department. The state government has finalised to include altogether 25 lakh people under the scheme in the first phase.

Now, the FS&CW Department has started the process to enroll beneficiaries for the state government’s own food security scheme. Sources claimed that many poor people are making a beeline at various RCMSCs across the state for ration cards under NFSA but to no avail. “The state government is claiming that the number of BPL people has risen by 25 lakh since 2011 Census, but it has failed to include around 4 lakh people under the NFSA,” said a source familiar with the development.

On the other hand, the state government is pleading that the number of below poverty line (BPL) people in Odisha has gone up by 25 lakh since 2011 Census. However, the state government is yet to provide ration cards to at least 4 lakh people as per the Centre’s advice. As per the available data, altogether 2, 80, 66, 391 people have been included under the Antyodaya Annapurna Yojana (AAY) while the remaining are priority households (PHS).

Till date, the state government has included 3, 22, 81, 254 people under the scheme. According to sources, the Central government had advised Odisha to include 3, 26, 41, 800 people under the NFSA by taking into account the 2011 Census. However, the Centre has allowed the state governments to issue the ration cards under the NFSA to all eligible people in accordance with the guidelines.

It has also laid down certain guidelines for selection of beneficiaries for the scheme. The Centre had launched the NFSA in 2013 to ensure food for all poor people in the country. State Food Security and Consumer Welfare (FS&CW) Secretary VV Yadav has written to all district collectors asking them to enroll beneficiaries for Odisha Government’s own food security scheme, scheduled to be launched October 2.

Bhubaneswar: Many poor people in Odisha are now facing problems to get ration cards under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) as the state government has stopped accepting applications for the same at Ration Card Management System Centre (RCMSC) till October 2, sources said. People in a fix as NFSA ration cards become scarce. Get All information about Ration Card in Odisha.

Odia Know The Beneficiary List of Ration Card in Odisha Odisha Ration Card App Odia Play Stor. Search and view land records and Ration Card of Odisha in one app. Ration card odisha,ration card odisha,ration card odisha 2015 status,ration card odisha status,ration card odisha acknowledgement receipt,ration card odisha check,ration card odisha 2015 list,ration card odisha check status,ration card odisha form,ration card odisha kendrapara,ration card odisha cancelled.

How to check new ration Card final priority list – Odisha Ration Card List, Ration Card List Odisha, Check Online Odisha Ration Card List, ओडिशा राशन कार्ड सूची, ऑनलाइन ओडिशा राशन कार्ड सूची And affiliates, including the analyst who have issued this report, may, on the date of this report, and from time to time, have long or short positions in, and buy or sell the securities of the companies mentioned herein or engage in any other transaction involving such securities and earn brokerage or compensation or act as advisor or have other potential conflict of interest with respect to company/ies mentioned herein or inconsistent with any recommendation and related information and opinions.

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of information contained, the company makes no guarantee and assumes no liability for any errors or omissions of the information. SEBI REG NO: NSE: INB/INF 230720030 BSE: INE010675433 MCX-SX INE260720030 NSE INE230720030. Three to ten times filtration area enables larger flow rate and less pressure loss than the flat membrane type of the same capacity.

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Export requires at least a list of parameter names and an array of events. Import uses the “Events” element by default for the FCS format. List of rules for data stored in the file.

Parameter reagents as a list of rules (import) or a list (export) Parameter names as a list of rules (import) or a list (export) ImportString and ExportString support the FCS format.

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Company is listed on both NSE and BSE. FCS Software Solutions Ltd BSE:532666 NSE:FCSSOFT. He informed the house, so far twenty four States have digitized Ration Cards and 13 states have started online foodgrains allocation.

A PAN card is another document that works perfectly fine as a civil status proof. I am not sure if the Aadhar card and the voter’s ID card work well as address proofs but they’d certainly be sufficient for the civil status proof. However, if your passport also has a different address than your current once then you could use a BSNL phone bull or an electricity bill for address proofs.

In most cases, even for the Schengen visa when I applied for one, the passport works as both civil status and address proofs. However, the answers aim at the address proof. From the question, it looks like you were asked a ration card for a civil status proof, and not as an address proof.

As someone would expect the passport is a valid residence proof in India and there is no requirement of a ration card. As Aditya already mentioned: Is “ration card” really explicity demanded without alternative (passport) in the visa application ? These are also accepted as address proof other than your passport – htnakum Jun 30 ’14 at 21:08.

@Karlson From the name, the country of Citizenship should be India and a ration card in India is for subsidies. Welcome to What do you mean by a ration card? But in my ration card, the address written is not my present address but my village’s address.

In the list of documents required for visa, ration card is mentioned in civil status proof. 4. Certificate of residence address & no. of members by Institutional Head/ Reporting Officer ( For people working in Registered Industrial Institutions) Following proofs will be required only in case of modification in address/member name.

5. GPO verifies details with respect to master register and attached documents like school certificate etc. 4. GPO gives an acknowledgement receipt to the applicant and forwards it to SI. 3. GPO checks the form for complete entries & documents for complete set.

5. SI verifies details with respect to master register and attached documents like school certificate etc. There is also a Jewish Cemetery which exudes memories of Ancestors of Mala Jewish Community. The charm and splendor of synagogue of the Mala Jewish Community with its beautiful carvings in a variety of patterns speak volumes about their artistic skill and culture.

There is currently no Jewish community left in Mala. The rare remnants of Jewish Settlement in Mala will attract any tourists of aesthetic mind. Mala is located about 40kms towards the north from Kochi and 14kms from Chalakudy, Kodungallur and Irinjalakuda.

Mala, often known as Mala Thrissur is a developing area, at the southern part of the district. Mala is the name of a small town in Thrissur district of Kerala, South India. Mala, often known as Mala Thrissur, is a growing town located in the southern part of Thrissur district in Kerala state, India.

The history of modern Mala started counting from around 1850. Boundaries of Mala Thrissur: Aloor Grama Panchayat (North); Annamanada Grama Panchayat, Chalakudy Municipality, Kadukutty Grama Panchayat (East); Kuzhur Grama Panchayat, Poyya Grama Panchayat (South); Puthenchira Grama Panchayat (West) Model Shrimp farm and Training Centre Poyya, The Brackishwater Shrimp Farm, Poyya is located at Poyya Panchayat, Pallippuram Village of Kodungallur Taluk in Thrissur district.

ADAK Poyya is spread over 58.71 hectares with net pond area of 39.15 ha at scenic, back water location of Poyya Mala. Agency for Development of Aquaculture, Kerala – ADAK Fish Farm Poyya, Mala, Kerala, established in 1989 with the help of UNDP. Mala is about 40 km towards the north from the present day city of Kochi and approximately 14 Km from Chalakudy, Kodungallur and Irinjalakuda.

It is also known as Mala Trichur or Thrissur Mala or Trichur Mala. Mala, often known as Mala Thrissur , is a growing town located in the southern part of Thrissur district in Kerala state, India. “It was the responsibility of Food Commissioner’s officials to conduct a door-to-door survey to ensure genuine ration card beneficiaries were not denied their right,” he said.

The PMO should not have cancelled the ration cards.” On Twitter, Mr Kejriwal wrote: “Despite strong objections by the Delhi government, the Prime Minister’s office (PMO) created pressure on the officers to cancel ration cards. Now, suddenly, they (the central government) sent me a notice that my ration card has been cancelled,” she said.

On his Twitter account, Mr Kejriwal shared a video report by AajTak news channel, which showed families, whose names were struck off the ration list. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday alleged that the Prime Minister’s Office has “pressurised” its officers to cancel around 3 lakh ration cards in the national capital because of which poor are struggling for food. Click here to find nearest Akshaya Centre.

Started Ration Card Services through Akshaya. HOW TO CHECK NEW RATION CARD STATUS IN 2 MINUTE. Antoine Requet, Gaëlle Bossus Embedding Formally Proved Code in a Smart Card : Converting B to C.

This paper depicts the computerized version of the Public Distribution System (PDS) and its advantages over the present ration cards. E. The government services are reached to poor people effectively and also the corruption in PDS and FPS can be reduced or avoided to a great extent. D. A common practice is adopted by most people that run ration shops i.e., they charge people more than the mandated rates, and they often under-weigh the commodities.

What’s meant for them cannot be diverted to the open market because of maintaining the database correctly and generating bills properly. A. The ration items will be effectively delivered to the valid ration card holders who are below poverty line. The main advantages of implementing the smart ration card are:

C) Training an employee to use the machine is crucial and understanding the features of the smart ration-card machine is equally essential. B) It is important to have a locking system for the smart ration-card swipe machine when not in use. This is where the smart card terminal’s most important function comes into play – by providing some kind of safety shield against a falsified signature.

If there is even a slight doubt that the signature does not match, then it is important for the dealer to re-verify the details of the customer. A) The signature on the card and the transaction slip needs to be checked if matching. A. Dangers to look out for when using a credit card swipe machine.

This slip is kept by the dealer as a physical record of the purchase made by the customer, known as the point of sales transaction. The dealer checks if the signature on the back of smart card matches the one on the slip. The long, rectangular strip has customer’s signature on it. When the customer submits the smart ration card to make a payment, the dealer will hand over a slip for the customer to sign.

What is also involved as part of this processing is the signature of the person who holds the smart ration card. E. The data mentioned in point 3 above can also be entered manually in the remote chance that the swiping of the card fails to register the data. At the other end, the data gets authorized & the number of credits is then deducted from the customer’s account.

D. The information which is obtained is processed within seconds, meaning that the data captured by the machine is quickly transported to the customer database. It also records the location of the dealer where the purchase is made (FPS location). B) The bar code number of the smart ration card.

C. The machine traps the vital information which is etched on the smart ration card, namely: B. The dealer puts the card in the swipe machine, passing it through a narrow slit. A. Customer hands over the smart ration card to the dealer to pay for what they have selected.

These are the following steps that provides the information on how the processing of customer’s transaction takes place through the swiping machine: Maintaing the database and generating the bill becomes important because these are the two factors that will help the government to avoid the corruption in PDS. For example if 3kg of rice has been distributed to particular customer then that 3kg should be deducted from the total amount(quantity) of rice in the database.

When the distribution is made to the people below the poverty line then the quantity of the products reduces in that particular FPS and hence it should be updated in the database. When the stock of products(items) arrives at the FPS then that particular amount of data is updated in the database. This database is used to contain the details of the products available at the FPS.

When the distribution of the products (items) is made then the credits will be deducted from the customer’s account so the dealer should make sure that it is updated in the following database and the credits are deducted from his/her account. Every time if there is any change in the details provided by the customer It should be immediately updated in the respective database. For maintaining this database we have to collect all the related information and have to store it in the database.

So every time the distribution has been made there is a necessity of updating and maintaining the database to avoid the miscalculations. As we have already stated that we will have two databases for two different categories i.e. one for the card holder information and the other one to store the details of the items (products) that are being distributed to the people below poverty line. STEP-12: In due course, using bio-metric the FPS dealer can obtain Permits from E-GRAM/ Cyber Café.

STEP-11: FPS dealer goes back to the E-GRAM/ Cyber Café and gets commodity coupons (as per the date of actual sale) read into his sale register maintained in the central system. STEP-10: FPS Dealer hands over wheat as per coupon details to the Card Holder. STEP-9: Card Holder submits bar-coded coupon for wheat and makes payment to the Fair Price Shop Dealer as per Coupon details.

STEP- 8: Card Holder goes to the Fair Price Shop along with Ration Card and Bar Coded Coupon. STEP-7: E-GRAM Operator verifies the Bar-Coded Coupon with the Ration Card and takes the Print out of the Bar Coded Coupons. STEP-5: Card holder visits E-GRAM and E-GRAM Operator reads the card details with Bar Code reader device.

STEP-4: Distribution of Bar Coded Ration Card to the Cardholder (in lieu of old ration card). STEP-3: Capturing of Photo and bio-metric details followed by Printing of Bar Coded Ration Card. STEP-2: Digitization of Form -1 and matching of card holders’ family details with EPIC from Electoral Roll.

STEP-1: Door to door visit by enumerators to help existing Ration card holders fill up prescribed FORM-1 for availing Bar Coded Ration card. The important thing to note here is that,each and every item will be having an particular code and using that code and the quantity of the item purchased the amount for that particular item will be example the code for rice is 002(which means 002= 5credits) and the quantity of rice purchased is 2kg then the amount related to rice will be 52=10 ,after the bill is generated for the purchased items using the above method the dealer puts the card in the swipe machine and then the pin will be entered and the number of credits in the bill will be deducted from the customer’s smart ration card.Swiping process referredhere is almost similar to the swiping in the shopping malls etc but the main difference is that here instead of money the credits will be deducted.Therefore, the customer leaves the FPS with the bill and items he has purchased. When the smart ration card holder visits the FPS where the ration is being distributed the smart ration card is taken from the card holder and verified if it is valid using the bar code on it. If it is valid then the details of the card holder are verified with that of the details in the database if they does not match then the database is updated and a list of the products (items) with their respective codes available at the FPS is shown to the customer to select which items he wants.

Now, the smart ration cards are generated and distributed to the valid card holders. Here we will be having two databases for two different categories i.e. one for the card holder information and the other one to store the details of the items(products) that are being distributed. These credits are like units or points that are issued to each family every month by the respective state governments.

It contains separate record for each family which includes details like no of membersinfamily, names of the members, head of the family, permanent address, present living address, phone number, CREDIT Setc. After the complete data has been collected a database is created. We need to collect the data from all the valid ration card holders and estimate the total number of smart ration cards to be created.

Each smart ration card contains unique barcode. The smart card is modified as smart ration card by coding the microprocessor chip present in it according to the requirements. So in order to avoid all these drawbacks we are going to use the Smart ration card which will help us to avoid the corruption in PDS if not eradicate it.

Many FPS dealers resort to malpractice since they acquire less salary. Also many retail shopkeepers have large number of bogus cards to sell food grains in the open market. Using this card the card holder can get his/her grocery items from the Fair Price Shop’s (FPS).The main reason for using this swipe card and making this process computerized is to remove the drawbacks of the present way of issuing products based on ration card.

In order to make it efficient and improve the current system of PDS we are implementing SMART RATION CARD. A ration card holder should be given 35 kg of food grain as per the norms of PDS. The validity and the allocation of the ration cards is monitored by the state governments.

The traditional PDS is used to distribute grocery items to India’s poor who are valid ration card holders. It is established by the Government of India under Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution and managed jointly with state governments in India. Public Distribution System (PDS) is an Indian food security system.

This will lead to a database without duplicate entries and ghost cards which will help to avoid illegal and bogus claims and fraud in distribution of ration. These objectives can be achieved by creating a unique database of residents in India and will put together the best technologies and processes for this purpose. The main objectives of smart ration card are providing food grains and other essential items to vulnerable sections of the society at reasonable (subsidized) prices and to eradicate inefficiency in the targeting of beneficiaries and the resulting leakage of subsidies which is the main disadvantage of the present PDS (Public Distribution System).

This paper proposes the improvised technique of implementing smart ration card. The state being a major automobile hub, thrust will be given for the promotion of new-generation electric vehicles with appropriate incentives, Purohit said.According to him, the establishment of industrial hubs for defence products in Chennai-Vellore-Salem-Hosur-Coimbatore-Trichy corridor will definitely improve the prospects of Tamil Nadu as a major defence manufacturing hub. He said the Japan International Cooperation Agency has approved the funding for expanding Chennai Metro Rail project to the tune of Rs 20,196 crore for the priority stretches totaling 52 km from Madhavaram to Sholinganallur and Madhavaram to Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus (CMBT).

According to him, the state government has formulated a comprehensive housing project called ‘Tamil Nadu Housing and Habitat Development Project’ to transform slums in Chennai, Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram districts with World Bank assistance. Purohit said the state government is embarking on a comprehensive restructuring programme for the transport corporations with the support of the German bilateral financing agency, KfW.”This would involve replacing the aging fleet with fuel-efficient BS-VI buses and procurement of environment-friendly electric buses in metro cities such as Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai,” he added. He said Pongal gift hampers containing raw rice, sugar, raisins, cashew nuts, cardamom and sugarcane would be given to all card holders in an effort to mitigate the impact of Gaja cyclone in Cauvery delta and the widespread drought in northern districts.

Delivering his customary address in the state Assembly, Purohit said: “I am happy to announce that this government will give a cash support of Rs 1,000 per family for the celebration of Pongal festival which will be applicable for the entire state, except Thiruvarur district where the Model Code of Conduct is in force following by-election to the Thiruvarur assembly constituency.” The state government will also restructure its transport corporations with the help of German agency KfW and has formulated a housing project for slum dwellers, said the Governor. Chennai, Jan 3: The Tamil Nadu government will provide a cash gift of Rs 1,000 and a gift hamper to all ration card holders in the state to celebrate Pongul festival, said Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit here on Wednesday.

Rs 1000 FREE cash for all ration card holder. Working in close cooperation with Government of India, Food Corporation of India and other procurement… Working in close cooperation with Government of India.

A connection to the database is required for all requests and processing. The report server cannot open a connection to the report server database. ❖ For women empowerment eldest woman of the household of age 18 years or above to be the head of the household for the purpose of issuing of ration cards.

7. Applicant produces the acknowledgement receipt before GPO and Ration Card is delivered to him. 6. GPO sanctions for issue of Ration Card, update allocation units, updates the master register & Ration Card and makes a new copy of ration card if required. If required the SI may visit the Applicant’s Home also.

2. Applicant submits the Application form along with requisite documents to GPO. 7. Clerk updates the master register & Ration Card and makes a new copy of ration card if required. 6. SI sanctions the issue of new ration card.

If required the SI may visit the Applicant’s Home also. 2. Applicant submits the Application form along with requisite documents to the Clerk at DSO Office. Ration card registrations started in telangana..

For BPL cards there is a verification step once you apply. Note: This steps are for APL Cards only (APL- Above poverty line). Pay Rs. 20/- and collect your ration card.

8. Self-declaration should be jointly signed by the applicant and the photo-bio center login person., scan this signed declaration and upload online. Keep this very safely, This acknowledgement will help you get your Ration card. 7. After the completely filling of your online application, get a self declaration” downloaded and printed at the photo-bio center.

6. Fill up all your required family information in the online application format without any errors. The introducer should carry his original ration card and his resent electricity bill with him. Hence you have to be accompanied by a known valid card holder of your area as your INTRODUCER to the photo center, while uploading your family members bio-photo details.

V. Introducer – It is also mandatory to introduce you as an applicant by any known valid ration card holder of your taluk or Area. Use this token number and the security code to open your online ration card application at the Photo Bio center in ( urban areas) or Gram Panchayath (in rural areas). I got new Ration card done in less than 20 days.

– Enrolled users can view the complete details of their Ration Card. – Get details of all members in the Ration Card. – View full Ration card details including card type, monthly allocation and Application Status.

This app provides details of members in a Ration Card, Application Status and monthly quota. Ente Ration Card is an initiative of Civil Supplies Department of Government of Kerala.

  1. Karnataka users click here to apply
  2. Uttar Pradesh Users click here to apply
  3. Jaipur (RAJ.) Users click here to apply
  4. More Information click here
  5. All revenue department information click here
  6. Aadhar card related information click here 

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